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Buffalo Trace Distillery Old Fashioned Sour Mash

Buffalo Trace Distillery has released two Old Fashioned Sour Mash whiskeys as part of its long-running experimental whiskey program. Distilled in May of 2002, this recipe used Buffalo Trace’s proprietary mash, and the bourbon was cooked and cooled...

Gruppo Campari Acquires Grand Marnier

The Italian spirits company Campari has agreed to buy family-owned French company that makes Grand Marnier cognac, as well as wine and Armagnac. The acquisition price is reportedly $760 million. Campari also entered into agreement to become the global distributor...

Spiced and Flavored Rums Drive Growth

If you’re looking for liveliness and interest in rum these days, it’s probably happening in the flavored and spiced sector of the category. Rum’s overall woes are well known, and the general category was down...

Beverage Alcohol Retailers Conference Coming to Denver

The 2nd annual Beverage Alcohol Retailers Conference (BARC) will be held June 3-5 in Denver, CO at the Grand Hyatt Denver Tech Center. The conference will bring together top retailers, offering in-person education and...

Campari Acquires Bisquit Cognac

Campari Group continues to collect premium spirit brands. The global drinks company announced today that it has signed an agreement to acquire Bisquit Dubouché et Cie. from the South Africa-based Distell Group. This company, owner of...

How Imported Vodka Will Perform in 2018

Imported vodka brands face a challenging environment in the U.S. market. Overall growth remains fairly flat and imports face competition from domestic vodka and American craft brands. And of course, brown spirits (especially whiskey)...

Imported Whisky Trends in 2018

While all the talk the past few years has been about the astounding rebirth of the American whiskey category, producers of many of the world’s best- known imported whiskeys are similarly counting their lucky...

Crossing the Pacific

What do consumers know, or think they know, about imported Japanese products? According to a number of sake and Japanese whisky experts, misconceptions about the category are plentiful and confusion is rampant. Since retailers are...

Cask Conditioned

Irish whiskey is still high-proof strong after so many years of double-digit growth. More than riding on the coattails of American’s infatuation with whiskey, Irish is enlarging the demographic, bringing new consumers into the...

Canada on the Cusp

Canadian whisky may not get as much respect as its Irish, Scottish and American counterparts these days, but if whisky-buying was “American Idol,” Canadian would definitely be competing in the finals. After all, the entire...

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