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  • Captain Morgan Cannon Blast

    Captain Morgan has released a new pre-made shot: Cannon Blast. This new beverage, currently appearing on shelves nationwide, is a rum shot sweet and citrusy up front, the company said, followed by a smooth, warm finish. The launch of... Read More »

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  • Rum’s Ready to Rebound

    Premium straight and aged rums appeal to the modern, 
sophisticated consumer. The second-largest spirits category isn’t resting on its laurels. It’s on the cusp of being the next big... Read More »
  • RumChata Freedom Bottle

    The RumChata Freedom Bottle program has returned this summer to continue The RumChata Foundations’s support for the Lone Survivor Foundation (LSF). This Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that restores, empowers and renews hope... Read More »
  • Mezan Rums: Mezan XO, Jamaica 2000, Panama 2004

    Niche Import Co. has announced the newest edition to their portfolio — Mezan Rum. Mezan rums are unblended and originate from individual islands or countries in the Caribbean. These are vintage rums — discovered in the travels... Read More »
  • Sugar Skull Rum

    Sugar Skull Rum is a craft-quality super-premium Rum made from fine Caribbean sugar cane molasses. Sugar Skull Rum  has a SRP of $27.99 for a 750ml bottle. Sugar Skull Rum is produced... Read More »

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