Woodford Reserve Elizabeth McCall Master Distiller chris morris

Woodford Reserve Names Elizabeth McCall Master Distiller

Woodford Reserve today named Elizabeth McCall as Master Distiller, the third in the bourbon brand’s 26-year history, succeeding Chris Morris, who will assume the role of Master Distiller Emeritus. McCall, who has been training for...

5 Alcohol Trends At Taste NY Craft Expo 2017

Taste NY, which promotes agriculture from the Empire State, hosted an expo in Manhattan last week that highlighted craft products. More than 50 producers from around New York poured their latest small-batch offerings. Walking around the...

Blog: Sampling Maker’s Mark Wood-Customization Program

The first batches of Maker’s Mark Private Select, the bourbon brand’s wood-selection customization program, became available this spring. Marriott and Maker’s Mark hosted a group of journalists in Kentucky in April to sample some...

Interview: Yellow Rose Distilling and Texas’ Budding Whiskey Industry

Texas whiskey is a surprisingly new thing. While one might think that brown spirits and Texas pair together naturally, it's actually rather difficult to distill whiskey in the Lone Star State. Take Yellow Rose Distilling. The first legal whiskey...

Behind the Barrel-Strength: An Interview with Wyoming Whiskey’s David DeFazio

The first legal distillery in Wyoming has launched its first barrel-strength bourbon. Wyoming Whiskey opened nine years ago in Kerby, Wyoming. The distillery crafts whiskey from the state’s natural resources, including grains grown within one mile of the...

Van Winkle Bourbon Annual Release

The annual release of the Van Winkle bourbons will begin in November. Unfortunately, the company says, the angel's share was worse this year than in past, meaning lower whiskey yields in 2015. "The result is less 15 year-old...

Maker’s Mark Lets Retailers Customize in ‘Private Select’ Program

Whiskey enthusiasts can now make their own Maker’s Mark. The company announced its newest program this week — Private Select. This program allows retail customers to “make their own Maker’s,” the company says, by finishing fully-matured cask strength Maker’s...

Whiskey, Across America

Whiskey is now made locally, everywhere in America. The founders of Hudson Whiskey had not intended to produce craft spirits. The company operates on farmland originally purchased ten years ago to become a rock-climbing ranch. But neighbors...

A Global Phenomenon: Bourbon Continues to Boom

The chant “Buy American” can now be heard in bars and cocktail lounges around the globe. According to the Beverage Information Group, Bourbon is one of the bankable beverage trends in the U.S. Sales...

Buffalo Trace Distillery Old Fashioned Sour Mash

Buffalo Trace Distillery has released two Old Fashioned Sour Mash whiskeys as part of its long-running experimental whiskey program. Distilled in May of 2002, this recipe used Buffalo Trace’s proprietary mash, and the bourbon was cooked and cooled...

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