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  • Imported Whisky Trends in 2018

    While all the talk the past few years has been about the astounding rebirth of the American whiskey category, producers of many of the world’s best- known imported whiskeys are similarly counting their lucky... Read More »

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  • Brown-Forman Adds Irish Distillery

    Brown-Forman Corporation held its official ground breaking ceremony this week for Slane Distillery, the company’s initial entry into distilling Irish whiskey. Slane Distillery is also the first distillery built by Brown-Forman... Read More »
  • West Cork Distillers ‘Glory’ Irish Poitín

    M.S. Walker has released West Cork Distillers’ “Glory” Irish Poitín into the Irish Whiskey category. West Cork Distillers uses fresh, local ingredients of barley, beet sugar and Irish spring water and distills... Read More »
  • Double Barrel Irish Whiskey

    Glendalough Irish Whiskey had announced the launch of the company’s new Double Barrel Irish Whiskey. Glendalough’s new whiskey offering is crafted in small batches from a mash of malted... Read More »
  • Yellow Spot

    Yellow Spot, one of Ireland’s single pot still Irish whiskies, has officially entered the U.S. market. The 12-year-old Yellow Spot is matured in a combination of American bourbon, Spanish... Read More »
  • Cask Conditioned

    Irish whiskey is still high-proof strong after so many years of double-digit growth. More than riding on the coattails of American’s infatuation with whiskey, Irish is enlarging the demographic,... Read More »

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