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  • Sparkling Wine for All Seasons

    The category has grown well beyond Champagne. Sparkling wine is having a renaissance in the U.S. Consumption is up throughout the year, according to the Wine Market Council. The... Read More »
  • Honeyvine White Wine

    Winemaker Reggie Hammond has unveiled Honeyvine, a wine white twist on the ancient honey drink mead. Honeyvine is a proprietary blend of premium Califnronia white wine, natural honey, and orange... Read More »
  • 2013 Unfiltered Blonde Chardonnay

    Brandi Glanville has joined the beverage industry with the release of her first wine Unfiltered Blonde, in partnership with Tyson and Jenni Rippey of the Rippey Wine Company. This 2013 Unfiltered Blonde Chardonnay was produced... Read More »
  • Don And Sons Custard Chardonnay

    Don and Sons has announced a new wine, their 2013 Custard Chardonnay. This “comfort wine” is rich and creamy on the nose, according to the company, with flavors of toasted almond and vanilla derived... Read More »
  • Surf Swim 2013 Chardonnay

    Guarachi Wine Partners has introduced Surf Swim, a new California 2013 Chardonnay intended to appeal to nostalgic baby boomers and in-the-moment millennials who enjoy California’s most popular white grape. Since Chardonnay and surf... Read More »
  • tenshən white wine

    Alex Guarachi and Joey Tensley are pleased to announce the launch of tenshən white, which follows in the wake of 2014’s luxury wine launch of tenshən red. Winemaker Tensley’s new... Read More »

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