Control State Best Practices Awards



Entries are now closed for 2018.

Winners were featured in the Sep/Oct issue of StateWays and honored at the NABCA Administrators Conference in Virginia.

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What are the Best Practices Awards?

The StateWays Control State Best Practices Awards launched in 2015 to recognize control state agencies that are leading the industry in innovation, education and enforcement. Any beverage control agency from the U.S. and Canada is eligible to enter the awards, which are given in eight categories. In addition, one standout is selected as the overall winner, serving as a model for other agencies to follow.

The awards showcase the best parts of beverage alcohol control, which is especially important in today’s political and economic climate. Winning agencies are not only supporting their states or counties with tax revenue, they’re making a difference in their communities through education, regulating sales and service through enforcement and assisting private businesses with efficient distribution systems.

We encourage every control jurisdiction to enter the awards and share your successes with the rest of the industry. Good luck!


Entry Process

Entries are closed for 2018. Thank you to everyone who entered.

Only include programs that were active at some point between April 1, 2017 and March 30, 2018 (agencies are not allowed to win the same category two years in a row). Entry categories include:

  • Best Consumer Education Program
  • Best Enforcement Program
  • Best Stakeholder Outreach Program (includes legislators)
  • Best On-Premise Innovation
  • Best Retail Innovation
  • Best Technology Innovation
  • Best Trade/Licensee Education Program
  • Best Distribution Innovation (includes warehouses)

Include a description of the program’s origination or a mission statement, results you’ve seen so far, metrics you’re tracking to determine effectiveness, and future plans for the program. No need to include all details – we’ll be following up with the winners for more in-depth interviews. A few paragraphs is more than enough.


Additional Information

  • One winner will be selected as the “Best of the Best.” States that enter more than one category will increase the likelihood they’ll be considered for this award.
  • Agencies may enter a program in any or all of the categories. Please enter each category only once.
  • All winners will be chosen by the editorial staff of StateWays magazine.
  • No jurisdiction may win more than one award in 2018.
  • All winners must make staff members available for interviews with StateWays editors. Images and additional information may also be requested.


Award and Recognition

The overall winner will be featured on the cover of the Sep/Oct issue of StateWays, which will be distributed at the 2018 NABCA Administrators Conference in Leesburg, Virginia. All winners will be profiled in that issue, showcasing the reasons they won. In addition, winning agencies will receive an awards plaque to share with their internal and external constituents during an awards ceremony held on the last day of the conference. Details will be announced when the agenda is released.


Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Best Practices Awards, please contact the StateWays editorial staff:


Previous Winners

Featured in the September/October 2018 issue of StateWays:

Overall Winner: Best in Class (OLCC)

Other category Winners: The Rest of 2018


Best Enforcement Program: Vermont LCB and Montana ABC

Best Technology Innovation: SAQ (Quebec) and Maine BABLO

Best Distribution Innovation: Montgomery County DLC and Virginia ABC

Best Stakeholder Outreach: Minnesota “SMART” and Utah DABC

Best Retail Innovation: New Hampshire Liquor Commission

Best Trade/Licensee Education Program: Pennsylvania LCB

Best On-Premise Partnership: Alabama ABC Board

Best Consumer Education Program: Idaho SLD


Featured in the September/October 2017 issue of StateWays:

Overall Winner: Granite State Greatness (NHLC)

Best Consumer Tasting Program: Windom, Minnesota

Best Warehouse Innovation: Oregon LCC

Best Consumer Education Program: Virginia ABC

Best Retail Innovation: Pennsylvania LCB

Best Trade/Licensee Education Program: Iowa ABD

Best Technology Innovation: Idaho State Liquor Division

Best Legislative Outreach Program: Montgomery County DLC


Featured in the November/December 2016 issue of StateWays:


Overall Winner: Keystone of Success (PLCB)

Best Technology Innovation (TIE):Simplified Workflow (Brooklyn Center, MN)

Best Enforcement Program: Local Outreach Builds Relationships (Virginia ABC)

Best Warehouse Innovation: A Public-Private Partnership (NHLC)

Best On-Premise Innovation: Embracing Maine’s Distillery Growth (Maine BABLO)

Best Retail Innovation (1 of 2): Keeping it Local (Idaho State Liquor Division)

Best Retail Innovation (1 of 2): Highlighting Canada’s Best (Manitoba Liquor and Lottery Corporation)

Best Trade of Licensee Education Program: Educating & Engaging with Video (Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division)

Best Consumer Education Program: The Check’s On the Bag (Liquor Hutch in Hutchinson, Minnesota)


Featured in the November/December 2015 issue of StateWays:

SW-ND15Overall Winner: Virginia’s Signature Success

All Other Categories: The 2015 Control States Best Practices Awards

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