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Strategic Store Layout

Ask yourself what attracts you to your favorite retail store? Is it the choice of products? The level of customer service? Or the functionality of the space? Today’s liquor stores often lack the store...

Education and Enforcement: Talking to Students

Interactive learning is the basis of a successful drunk-drinking education program created by the West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration. Now in its fifth year, the DUI Simulator Program buckles participants into the seat of...

A Culture of Collaboration

Collaboration creates opportunity. That’s the philosophy Stephen Larson has abided by during his five-year tenure as the Administrator of the Iowa Alcoholic Beverage Division (ABD). He’ll carry that same motto with him when he...

The Roundtable Weighs In

What does the future hold for the control states and the spirits they sell? 
And what has transpired in the past year? For insight into these questions, StateWays has once again turned to executives on...

Online Licensing and Training Programs

Keeping up with changing technology is a struggle for any industry. With numerous online resources, mobile applications and tablet computers at their disposal, many control states are looking to modernize their systems and streamline...

Tim Holden Named Chairman of Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf today named fellow Democrat and former U.S. Congressman Tim Holden as Chairman of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, according to a press release from the governor's office. Holden has served as...

Virginia ABC: Learning and Adapting

In his first year on the job as Chairman of the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, Jeffrey Painter has grown fond of a certain phrase. “This is not your grandfather’s ABC,” he recalls himself...

Modernizing Warehouse Distribution

Control state leaders are always looking for ways to enhance operations and improve processes. One key focus area that’s always top of mind is warehouse distribution management. How can states effectively integrate the latest...

2014 Fiscal Year in Review

An annual report compiling sales data from all of the control states. To read the full report, click on this link below to access the PDF version:   StateWays 2014 Control States Fiscal Year in Review

Q and A: Hail to the Chief

In 1978, the North Carolina General Assembly approved liquor-by-the-drink permits for the first time in 70 years. Three years later Mike Herring was hired as a field auditor assigned to monitor bars and restaurants...

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