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Sazerac Announces Import Deal for Scandinavian Spirit Aquavit

The Sazerac Company hopes more Americans will take to aquavit. A flavored Scandinavian spirit dating back to the 15th century, aquavit is distilled from grain or potatoes, like vodka. The distinctive flavor of aquavit derives from herbs and spices...

No Mixing Required

Americans today crave convenience. And in the spirits category, what can be more convenient than Ready 
 to Drink (RTD) cocktails and shots? These products contain fresh, premium ingredients, often in small, sealed, one-serving containers....

Midnight Moon Raspberry

Midnight Moon has become the first moonshine brand to offer a raspberry shine, made with real fruit. Each jar of Midnight Moon Raspberry is hand-filled with real raspberries. Bottled at 90 Proof. Midnight Moon Raspberry rolled out nationally...

Crossing the Pacific

What do consumers know, or think they know, about imported Japanese products? According to a number of sake and Japanese whisky experts, misconceptions about the category are plentiful and confusion is rampant. Since retailers are...

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