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  • Corazon Tequila Packaging Updates

    Corazon Tequila has announced new packaging. The new packaging puts the focus on quality and craftsmanship, the company says. After five years on the market, Corazon realized that its packaging... Read More »
  • The Tequila Class of 2015

    There’s a mystique and romance surrounding tequila that few products enjoy. The import has captivated the imagination of the American drinking public, making it the fastest growing category of... Read More »
  • New 1800 Tequila Bottle Enclosures

    1800 Tequila will be introducing new bottle closures in May, 2015. The new metalized caps on Silver, Coconut and Reposado, and dark wood cap on Añejo, deliver a sleeker, more modern look for the... Read More »
  • Hornitos Spiced Honey Tequila

    Hornitos Tequila has introduced Hornitos Spiced Honey, which features 100% blue agave Hornitos Plata Tequila infused with natural honey flavor and a special spice blend. Hornitos Spiced Honey serves up a... Read More »
  • Patrón Extra Añejo 7 Años

    Patrón Spirits has unveiled Patrón Extra Añejo 7 Años, the oldest tequila the brand has ever produced. The story of this unplanned tequila – Patrón’s first-ever limited edition – begins more... Read More »
  • Diageo to Invest $400 Million in Tequila Don Julio

    Diageo will invest approximately $400 million in the future of Tequila Don Julio. The announcement today re-affirmed Diageo’s long-term commitment to its Mexico operations, according to a press-release, following completion of the company’s acquisition last week... Read More »
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