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  • Pinnacle Vodka Ruby Red Grapefruit

    Pinnacle Vodka has announced its latest flavor: Ruby Red Grapefruit. With the taste of fresh grapefruit and a smooth, tart finish, Ruby Red Grapefruit delivers a tangy flavor profile ideal for... Read More »
  • Voli Vodka 80 Proof

    Voli Vodka has announced plans to conduct a phase two rollout of its 80 proof after successful proof of concept trials in Florida. Voli’s 80 proof is produced in... Read More »
  • Emory Vodka Blake Emory ‘Zebra Love’ Bottle

    Blue Vase Marketing has announced the Spring 2015 launch of Emory Vodka, inspired by New York-based artist Blake Emory. Emory Vodka enters ultra-premium beverage market as a 100% corn-based product that is naturally gluten free while being... Read More »
  • Going Straight

    Originally much of vodka’s stellar rise was sparked by marketing that spotlighted status appeal and indefinable allure. Then came an influx of flavors to entice new consumers into the... Read More »
  • SKYY Vodka Barcraft

    SKYY Vodka has launched SKYY Barcraft, a line of cocktail-inspired vodkas that come in three flavors: Watermelon Fresca, Margarita Lime and White Sangria. These 60-proof flavored vodkas deliver a quick, flavorful drink... Read More »
  • Flavor-Philes

    An entity as large as the $5.8 billion vodka category in the U.S. is not monolithic, and it’s not surprising that it’s split like an iceberg into two divergent... Read More »
  • Pinnacle Cucumber Vodka

    Pinnacle Vodka has released a new flavor, Pinnacle Cucumber Vodka, a blend of ripe cucumber with notes of sweet vanilla, plus a smooth finish, according to the company. Pinnacle Cucumber is a 70-proof, five-times distilled vodka that can... Read More »
  • Deep Eddy Lemon

    Deep Eddy vodka has announced a new flavor: lemon. Made with real lemons from California, not a flavoring agent. Deep Eddy Lemon joins four other vodkas this year, including Deep Eddy... Read More »
  • Wild Berry

    Belvedere Vodka has introduced a new flavor to their portfolio: Wild Berry. Wild Berry is inspired by the summer berry harvests in Poland and North America. With a combination of Polish strawberries and American blueberries, Belvedere Wild Berry delivers a... Read More »

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