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Imported Whisky Trends in 2018

While all the talk the past few years has been about the astounding rebirth of the American whiskey category, producers of many of the world’s best- known imported whiskeys are similarly counting their lucky...

Interview: Yellow Rose Distilling and Texas’ Budding Whiskey Industry

Texas whiskey is a surprisingly new thing. While one might think that brown spirits and Texas pair together naturally, it's actually rather difficult to distill whiskey in the Lone Star State. Take Yellow Rose Distilling. The first legal whiskey...

Northern Lights: Canadian Whisky Aims to be the Next Big Thing

“In this neck of the woods, Canadian whiskies have always been very strong sellers,” says Ted Farrell, president of Haskell’s Inc., a wine and spirits retailer based in Minneapolis. “I don’t know if it’s...

Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye Named 2016 World Whisky of the Year

Renowned whisky writer Jim Murray today announced Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye as the 2016 World Whisky of the Year, marking the first time a Canadian Whisky has received the honor. The recognition comes at a time...

Pendleton Midnight Canadian Whisky

Hood River Distillers, Inc. has announced the expansion of its Pendleton Whisky portfolio with the introduction of Pendleton Midnight, a premium select 90 proof Canadian whisky. Crafted with many of Pendleton Whisky’s "tried and true...

Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye, Hand Selected Barrel

Crown Royal has introduced its first-ever blended rye whisky, Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye. This offering combines the richness of Northern harvest rye grains with the smoothness of Crown Royal to create a balanced whisky, according...

Collingwood 21 Year Old Rye named ‘Canadian Whisky of the Year’

A jury of nine independent whisky experts named Collingwood 21 Year Old Rye the “Canadian Whisky of the Year” at the 5th annual Canadian Whisky Awards. The awards, held Thursday, Jan. 15th at the Victoria Whisky Festival in Victoria,...

Canada on the Cusp

Canadian whisky may not get as much respect as its Irish, Scottish and American counterparts these days, but if whisky-buying was “American Idol,” Canadian would definitely be competing in the finals. After all, the entire...

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