Jim Beam Brands has announced the newest addition to the line of DeKuyper Pucker sweet and sour schnapps. Debuting this month is DeKuyper Peach Pucker, labeled “Peach with a Punch.” The company says the cordial delivers an intense taste of peach followed by a mouth-puckering sour. The introduction of Peach Pucker will be supported by on- and off-premise promotions.

Tanqueray has a new member of the international gin brand stable. Called Tanqueray No. Ten, the small batch distillation product is crafted with hand-picked whole fruit botanicals and distilled four times. Described as “sublimely fresh with depth and complex flavor and a mouth-feel that can only be described as unctuous,” Tanqueray No. Ten is highlighted by flavors of grapefruit, orange and lime and mellowed by juniper and chamomile.

Dirty Olive Gin and Dirty Olive Vodka, the first olive-flavored gin and vodka, have been introduced by Bartolomeh, Inc. They are triple distilled and 70 proof in a cork-finished bottle. Dirty Olive is being promoted as an alternative to sweet, creamy “Alternatinis” in the burgeoning superpremium cocktail market.

Hiram Walker & Sons has given its Old Smuggler Blended Scotch Whisky an updated image, and “lightened the load” for consumers. Old Smuggler 1.75 liter bottles have been converted from glass to plastic. This packaging move has incorporated several new design elements and has reduced the weight of the bottle.

Brown-Forman Beverages debuted a new package design for its 1.75 ml Canadian Mist. Designated “Easy Pour,” the newly designed Mist is made of light plastic, replacing the old glass container, and features a unique shape. After tests in the Nebraska market, sales of Canadian Mist in the new bottle were up 20%. Brown-Forman is planning an $8 million billboard, radio and print advertising campaign to support the new package.







The latest addition to the upscale vodka market is Vincent Vodka from Holland. Released by Luctor International — which brought out Van Gogh Gin last year — the 80 proof vodka is made using an archival recipe and updated for today’s tastes. The German-made 750 ml bottles are etched in France with an art gallery scene of five different Van Gogh paintings. The silk-screened paintings are enhanced by the magnifying effect of the bottle and the vodka, when viewed one at a time by rotating the bottle. The suggested retail price is $30.

Domaine Charbay Distillery has released four flavored vodkas and an anisette aperitif. Charbay Pastis features the aromas of star anise, licorice root and complex herbs. Charbay Vodka is available in the flavors of Blood Orange, Meyer Lemon, Ruby Red Grapefruit and Key Lime. The 80 proof vodkas come with a suggested retail price of $49 per 750 ml bottle.

Stags’ Leap Winery has updated its packaging with new bottles and a subtle revamp of its historic label. The label’s design follows that of the first label created for the winery in the late 19th Century, including the woodcut image of the leaping stag, and elegant black script on a white label.

Another vodka, this one from Poland, called Gvori, is working its way into the market. Distilled four times from 100% neutral grains, Gvori is bottled with a 24K. gold process for maximum visual appeal. Gvori, produced at the Polmos, Lublin, Poland distillery since 1906, will be rolled out with merchandising and sampling events by importer Beverage Brands, LLC.

The Spirit of Hartford introduces Foursquare Spiced Rum, imported from the Barbados R. L. Seale distillery. Foursquare takes its name from the oldest remaining sugar plantation and rum distillery on Barbados. The family secret recipe is considered a super-premium flavored rum.

Ficklin Vineyards presents two new hand-crafted American Ports. The two are Ficklin’s 10-Year-Old Tawny, a blend of tinta maderia and touriga grapes and spends ten years in American oak, and the 1988 Vintage Port features exuberant fruit of tinta madeira with smaller quantities of touriga, souzao and tinta cao.

Don Julio has introduced a new member of the family, Don Julio Reposado. Available starting this month for the first time outside Mexico, the reposado tequila is said to be silky smooth with a compelling combination of light cinnamon, honey and herbaceous flavors balanced by a lightly smoky taste and dark chocolate notes. Double distilled and aged for just under a year, Don Julio Reposado is now available nationally along with Don Julio Blanco and A



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