Pure Cider Rosé

Pure Cider Rosé
Pure Cider Rosé

Niche Import Co. welcomes a new addition to its growing cider portfolio:  Possmann Pure Cider Rosé.

Apples ripened all Summer long, picked and pressed immediately then fermented into a cider with an added splash of black currant are what gives Possmann Pure Cider Rosé is flavor. The resulting taste is a balance of rich apple flavor with the right amount of black currant; not too sweet and finishing dry.  The flavor comes from Possmann’s unique source of apples, which are harvested exclusively from over 800 farmers in the Hessen region of Germany.

Possmann Pure Cider Rosé is also gluten-free and has less sugar than many of the other ciders out in the market.  The sugar content depicted on the nutritional label of this black currant-apple hard cider comes only from the natural sugars in the apples used to ferment Possmann Pure Cider Rosé.

The suggested retail price is $8.99 for a 4-pack in most markets nationwide.


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