Tequila Clase Azul Unveils $450,000 Tequila Bottle Art Collection

Lovers of ultra-premium tequila recently enjoyed rare blends in Mexico while raising money for the country’s artisans.

Rosewood Mayakoba, a Riviera Maya resort, offered guests the first opportunity, from Feb. 12-14, to taste the latest blend from Tequila Clase Azul. Two years in the making, Tequila Clase Azul introduced its new 15-bottle art collection, “MEXICO a traves del tiempo.”

The collection was the result of Mexican designers, writers and artists coming together to commemorate Clase Azul’s 15th Anniversary. The full collection was valued at $450,000, with individual bottles available for $30,000.

All proceeds were donated to Fundacion con Causa Azul, a nonprofit created specifically for the project that assists Mexican artisans in marketing their products and improving their standard of living.

The contents of each bottle were a blend of two ultra-aged, reserve tequilas created exclusively for the collection.

The first tequila was produced in the Tequilas del Senor distillery and aged for fifteen years in a Spanish barrel previously used to mature sherry. The second tequila was produced in the Productos Finos de Agave distillery and aged for eleven years.

For the first six years, the tequila was aged in a Portuguese barrel used to mature Port, after which it was then transferred to American White Oak barrels and aged for another five years.


Each of the 15 bottles was uniquely designed, and the collection was broken down into four design categories.

The first category, “the origin,” is made up of four bottles that recall ancient times before humans existed and echo the world-view of the indigenous people of Latin America and their way of loving the earth. The second category, “God made man,” includes three bottles that celebrate the indigenous people of Mexico and the beliefs of their gods from pre-Hispanic times.

The third category, “the meeting of two worlds,” includes four bottles and recalls Spain’s discovery and conquest of Mexico’s golden lands. Lastly, the fourth category, also including four bottles, is representative of modern-day Mexico.

In addition to releasing this new tequila collection at Rosewood Mayakoba, Clase Azul also pre-launched their new Mezcal at the resort, Mezcal Clase Azul.

The spirit is made from Cenizo Agave, which grows wild in Durango, Mexico. The packaging of the liquid is inspired by black clay pottery, representative of Mexican folk art. The tops on each bottle are hand-crafted by artisans belonging to the Wixarika or Huichol culture, and are made using beeswax, resin, a needle and individual placed beads. A bottle of Mezcal Clase Azul will retail for $200 USD.


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