Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch Bourbon

Coming soon to a store near you: a whiskey from out west.

Wyoming Whiskey tries to break the traditional mold of where whiskey is produced and how it is produced, the company says. They are making the spirit without a master distiller, and with locally-sourced WY ingredients.

It is made using classic bourbon distilling methods with non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) ingredients, the company says, sourced exclusively from the Big Horn Basin in central Wyoming. Hand-selected corn, wheat and barley are all grown locally in Kirby, Byron, Thermopolis and Riverton.  Water for the recipe is sourced from a mile-deep, limestone aquifer.

Wyoming Whiskey’s Small Batch Bourbon is medium amber in color with a nose of sweet corn, molasses and clove, the company says. It is medium bodied with a palate of vanilla, caramel, charred oak, and a note of citrus. The finish is mild with lingering caramel and toast.

Currently, Wyoming Whiskey is distributed across the Western U.S.: Wyoming, Texas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Colorado, Nevada, Nebraska, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. It will soon be available in Arizona, Montana, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico and beyond. It is slated for rapid expansion elsewhere in the U.S. this summer in the Midwest as well as NY and NJ.


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