BuzzBallz Shooters, Fall Flavors

Pumpkin-Pie-EaterBuzzBallz has announced a new product, Shooterz, and new fall flavors of their BuzzBallz single-serving line.

Shooterz are 750-ml. bottles of 30-proof, ready-to-pour shots. They are 30% ABV each, and have a suggested retail price of $10.99. The flavors are:

  • Red Hot Cinnamon Shot: A combination of warm cinnamon and vodka
  • Chocolate Caramel Cake: A mix of chocolate, sea salt caramel & vodka
  • Jalapeño Lime: Tequila and vodka, with a hint of ginger and tangy lime, followed by a kick of spicy jalapeño
  • Lemon Squeeze: A sugary blast of lemon infused with vodka
  • Licorice Bomb: A fusion of licorice and vodka

Sinners-Apple-FireBuzzBallz has also unveiled their seasonal fall lineup of their 200-ml. bottles. These are between 15-20% ABV (depending on the state) and retail for $2.99 each. The fall flavors are:

  • Sinner’s Apple Fire: Sweet apple with a fiery kick of cinnamon rum
  • Pumpkin Pie Eater: A combination of sweetly spiced pumpkin pie and vodka
  • Blueberry Blitz: A blend of blueberry, sweet yogurt and vodka
  • Ginger Mule: A fusion of tangy lime and vodka, with the zing of ginger


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