Widows Walk Rum

Newport Distilling Company has added another over-proof rum to their lineup: Widows Walk Rum.

Made in Newport with blackstrap molasses and in a single pot still, Widows Walk has a buttery nose followed by grassy cane flavor and finish with dark molasses.

Most white rums clock in around 40% ABV. But Windows Walk is 67.5% ABV. This robust ABV brings forth more concentrated flavors, the company says, allowing it to be balanced by a wider variety of modifiers used in cocktailing.

The product name comes from Newport’s location on the water. When ships left port in the olden days, there was less guarantee of when or if they would return. Because of this, ship’s owners and crew members’ loved-ones used small structures on the top of harbor-side houses to look out for the safe return of their ships. These structures eventually became known as “widows walks,” as too often the ships, and the mariners on them, never returned.

Distribution of Widows Walk began last week and spans across RI, CT, NY, NJ, DE, MD,DC, SC, GA, FL, and IL. Widows Walk is packaged in 1-liter bottles and has a suggested retail value of $35.


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