Peychaud’s Aperitivo

The Sazerac Company has launched Peychaud’s Aperitivo.

Antoine Amedie Peychaud began producing his bitters in a New Orleans apothecary more than 150 years ago, eventually becoming the lead bartender of the Sazerac Coffeehouse, the company says, where he mixed simple cocktails with his bitters to much success.

Today, the Sazerac Company — still producing Peychaud’s Bitters according to the original recipe — is announcing a new spirit “with Peychaud’s belief in quality, simplicity and mixability in mind,” the company says.

Royal%20Street%20FizzPeychaud’s Aperitivo mixes with a wide variety of spirits and mixers. It has launched in New Orleans and will be spreading to other markets in spring 2016.

Peychaud’s Aperitivo is 22 proof, and has suggested retail pricing of $19.99 for a 750-ml bottle.

Royal Street Fizz

3 parts Champagne
2 parts Peychaud’s Aperitivo
1 splash club soda

Garnish with a lime twist and serve in a champagne flute.



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