Pasote Tequilas

3 Badge Beverage Corporation has introduced Pasote, a line of Mexican tequilas made from pure blue agave. The new Pasote tequilas will be sold in select markets throughout the U.S. by the company’s spirits division, 3 Badge Mixology.

Named for the “fierce spirit of Aztec warriors and their uncompromising commitment,” the company says, Pasote includes Blanco ($49 per 750-ml. bottle), Reposado ($59 per 750-ml.) and Anejo ($69 per 750-ml.) tequilas.

Each is made from blue agave that is baked and then distilled with rainwater and natural spring water in copper pot stills. Pasote’s master tequilero grows blue agave in the Jalisco Highlands in Mexico and uses traditional production techniques to make “pure and distinctly herbal” Pasote tequilas, the company says.

The Pasote label features hand-screened graphics of distinct warriors. Each Pasote glass bottle is made by a family of glass artisans and has slightly asymmetrical wave patterns visible in the glass.


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