Strongbow Cherry Blossom

Strongbow Hard Apple Ciders has unveiled its newest flavor: Strongbow Cherry Blossom.

The new cider tastes of cherry blossom and has red fruit aromas and an underlying note of apple.

In celebration of the launch, legal drinking age attendees of the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. will be among the first consumers to sample Strongbow Cherry Blossom. The brand is sponsoring several festival events, including its debut at the Pink Tie Party and continuing through the Southwest Waterfront Fireworks.

“Strongbow Cherry Blossom is a beautifully balanced cider that evokes some elements of a rosé wine,” said said Alejandra de Obeso, Brand Director Strongbow, Heineken USA, who was involved in the development of the new flavor, in a press release.

Cherry Blossom launched in a six-pack last March and will eventually replace Red Berries in the Strongbow Variety Pack in June, alongside Strongbow Gold Apple, Strongbow Honey and Strongbow Ginger. The new flavor will also be competing at the next 2016 World Cider Championships in April.

All flavors in the new Variety Pack are gluten-free and sold in 11.2 oz. bottles. Strongbow Gold Apple and Strongbow Honey are 5% ABV, while new Strongbow Cherry Blossom and Strongbow Ginger are 4.5% ABV.



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