Berentzen Peach Liqueur

Vision Wine & Spirits has announced that Berentzen, a 250-year-old German company specializing in fruit liqueurs and spirits, has added Peach Liqueur.

All of the Berentzen Fruit Liqueurs are made by combining all-natural juice and sun-ripened fruit with 100% single-grain wheat, the company says. The Berentzen Liqueurs can be enjoyed straight up, on the rocks, and as ingredients in cocktails. Berentzen Liqueurs are certified kosher, gluten free, and made with non-GMO fruit.

The suggested retail price for their Peach Liqueur is $19.99 per 750-ml. bottle.

The Berentzen lineup includes Apple Liqueur ($19.99/750ml); Pear Liqueur ($19.99/750ml); and Wild Cherry Liqueur ($19.99/750ml).

Founded in Haselünne, Germany in 1758 by Johann Bernhard Berentzen as a small local grain distillery, the House of Berentzen has expanded into a supplier of global brands (sold in 45 countries). Vision Wine & Spirits is an importer of fine wines and spirits from around the globe.


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