Serata Amaretto New Label, Packaging

A. Hardy USA has announced a new label and packaging for their liqueur Serata Amaretto, from Piemonte, Italy.

The liqueur’s name, “Serata,” translates to “Evening” in Italian. This almond-based liqueur is ideal as an after-dinner drink or mixed in cocktails such as the Amaretto Stone Sour, the company says. Serata Amaretto is crafted in Italy using Old World methods. It is smooth and flavorful without being overly sweet, the company says.

A. Hardy USA president Mark Levinson added Serata Amaretto to his company’s roster several years ago. “We wanted an authentic Amaretto that was created in Italy using ‘old school’ methods,” he explains in a press release.” When we discovered Serata Amaretto we knew we had found the ideal Amaretto to offer our distributors. The attractive packaging gives it solid shelf appeal. And, it has proven to be a consistent seller in the U.S. market.”

The newly-packaged Serata Amaretto Di Piemonte will be available nationwide in May of 2016. The product is packaged in a 750-ml. bottle and has an average retail price is $22.99.


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