Ca’ Momi Vodka

Ca’ Momi — a family-owned and operated winery in Napa, Calif. — has announced the launch of its spirits portfolio with the release of Ca’ Momi Vodka.

Ca’ Momi’s is a small-batch spirit made from wine grapes, triple distilled and minimally filtered to preserve the natural aromatics and richness of these noble varietals, the company says.

“We start with high-quality Napa Valley wine grapes we grow and source ourselves and distill them in our traditional small-batch still,” says Stefano Migotto, Ca’ Momi co-founder, winemaker and master distiller. “We are able to control the whole process.”

The result is a vodka that “salutes the new Napa Valley, distilled to its essence,” the company says, with a bright nose that develops into caramel flavors on the palate, with hints of cinnamon and clove, and a smooth mouthfeel.

Ca’ Momi Vodka has a suggested retail price of $50 per 750-ml. bottle, and is available for distribution. Contact Dario De Conte ( for details.


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