Hailstorms Significantly Damage Cognac, Other French Wine Areas

Inclement weather badly affected vineyards last Friday in France — especially in Cognac.

According to a Reuters article, up to 8% of vineyards in the Cognac region were damaged by this weather, which included hailstorms.

Due to the damage, certain vineyards now face uncertainty about their 2016 harvest and future ones as well, Reuters reported.

About 12,400 to 14,800 acres (or 5,000 to 6,000 hectares) were significantly affected in Cognac. Some areas were completely wrecked. Hail more than 1/2-inch long was reported by some winemakers.

The Beaujolais and Chablis regions also suffered from the storms.

In Burgundy, the hailstorms mostly fell on 600 hectares of Chablis. Beaujolais saw damage to about 1,000 hectares, or 8% of total wine-making area.



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