David Jackson Named New COO of NABCA

Jerry Janicki, who has served for 22 years as NABCA’s senior vice president of operations/COO will step away from his full-time position at the Association at the end of June. Mr. Janicki has decided to reduce his workload as he looks forward to retirement. David Jackson, who has served as consultant with NABCA for several years will step in to the role of COO.

Jerry Janicki

“It has been an honor and a pleasure to work so closely with Jerry for more than 30 years. There is a great deal of knowledge and perspective that he takes with him with his retirement”, said NABCA President/CEO Jim Sgueo. “Jerry is truly one of a kind, and he will definitely be missed in more ways than we know.”

Janicki oversaw the Association’s MIS department, product database group, data and report production and distribution functions, as well as the Association’s involvement in the alcohol beverage industry’s electronic commerce initiative. Prior to joining NABCA in 1996, he worked for AT&T for 16 years, then founded and managed a software and technology consulting company for 10 years. Mr. Janicki began doing consulting work for the NABCA in 1988 and advised the Association in technological matters until becoming a full-time employee.

“Through Jerry’s efforts and that of the team he oversaw, NABCA’s data products have become highly respected and trusted around the world,” said Sgueo. “With David’s industry experience, we expect to be able to continue to refine and grow our data products and our services to NABCA members,” he said.

David Jackson

As a 35-year veteran of the wine and spirits industry, Jackson has worked for Pernod Ricard in Australia and the USA, and managed sales in Canada, Europe and Japan at different points in his career. From 2009 to 2015 he was vice president of operations for the Pernod Ricard USA’s Control State Division, working with state directors and administrators, brokers, and local sales representatives. In June 2015 he consulted with the Vermont Department of Liquor Control as the chief of liquor operations to revamp efficiencies in warehouse operations, business practices, agency contracts and locations. He joined NABCA to counsel and implement best business practices across the 18 US control jurisdictions and build relationships between industry and government. He will serve as senior vice president of trade relations/COO.


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