IABD Developing System to Track Discount Offers

The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division (ABD) announced that it will be partnering with Beverage Merchandising, Inc. to develop a system to track and record promotional discount offers made by alcoholic beverages manufacturers to Iowa retailers.
“This is an important first step in increasing transparency and governance of these types of offers in the Iowa alcoholic beverages marketplace,” said ABD Administrator Stephen Larson. “Both manufacturers and retailers should be excited about this system as it will create a more level playing field and help them stay in compliance with state and federal trade practice laws, rules and regulations.”
The new system, named TrakUrPromotion, will assist manufacturers in meeting the “offer to all” standard for promotional discount offers, whereby all such offers must be made available to all retailers. It will also provide verification and processing services for manufacturers to ensure retailers meet the criteria for a promotional discount offer.
“We are proud to partner with ABD and utilize our expertise in processing inter-tier transactions. This platform will provide an opportunity for industry to operate within a safe harbor for promotional activity in Iowa,” added Jim Farrell, president and CEO of Beverage Merchandising, Inc.
TrakUrPromotion is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2018.


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