MN Group Launches Education Campaign

Minnesotans 4 Choices, a public education campaign for Minnesotans who love craft beer, wine, and spirits, announces the release of their second video today. The videos are designed to inform and engage consumers about implications of alcohol everywhere legislation.

Minnesotans 4 Choices is a group of Minnesotans from throughout the state who love their craft beer, wine diversity, and spirit assortment. We desire to preserve Minnesota’s heritage of easy accessibility and unsurpassed beer, wine, and spirit selection. We stand in solidarity with small businesses across the state currently providing Minnesota with access to a breadth of choices that is the envy of consumers across the nation. Minnesotans 4 Choices is promoting its message on Facebook, Twitter, and also provides an opportunity for the public to contact their state legislators to support keeping large consumer choices available.

In the second Minnesotans 4 Choices video called, “Choices,” the consumer says, “…A lot of those choices might start to go away. That’s because some people are saying that we should sell beer, wine, and liquor in grocery stores and maybe even gas stations. Which sounds convenient, but here’s the thing: Grocery stores and gas stations only have so much space, and they have to sell what sells. Big numbers. So instead of offering you dozens of choices, they merchandize stacks and brands that are predicable, and boring.”

Minnesotan 4 Choices released its first video, “Mike Larson,” on January 28.


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