Provi, SevenFifty Partner on Alcohol Ecommerce Marketplace

As the alcohol ecommerce world continues to grow and evolve in a post-Covid world, Provi and SevenFifty have joined forces to create an expanded online marketplace.

The deal brings together two alcohol e-commerce companies, aiming to streamline operations for licensed retailers, distributors and their sales representatives. 

“We are thrilled to start working with Aaron, Gianfranco and the entire SevenFifty team,” says Taylor Katzman, CEO, Provi. “SevenFifty has spent the last decade thoughtfully building innovative tools for distributor sales reps, while creating a highly detailed wine and spirits content database. We look forward to rolling up our sleeves and delivering the best user experience for licensed retailers and distributor sales reps throughout the industry.”

The Provi communication system allows restaurants, bars and stores to order all their beverages in one place, the company says, saving retail establishments “an average of 20 staff hours per month.” In 2021, Provi announced that 10 percent of licensed retailers in the U.S. now utilize its e-commerce marketplace.

“We have admired Taylor and the Provi team’s laser focus on creating the industry’s best e-commerce experience for licensed retailers”, says Aaron Sherman, CEO, SevenFifty. “We believe strongly that the complementary strengths of our organizations can pave the way for the rapid digital transformation taking place across the industry and, together, bring us closer to the mission of powering a truly connected three-tier supply chain. We couldn’t be more excited to join forces with Provi to achieve this mission.”

SevenFifty provides a web-based and mobile technology-based three-tier e-commerce marketplace that connects buyers, distributors and retailers across the supply chain. The company also owns and publishes SevenFiftyDaily, an online drinks magazine.

“Having worked with both Provi and SevenFifty for more than two years, I can say that this integration is a win-win-win for all three tiers of the alcohol beverage industry, but especially the distribution side,” says Lowell Goldman, president of the distributor Lipman Brothers. “Combining the portfolios from both Provi and SevenFifty into an expanded marketplace will not only improve the online experience for our customers but will also create more time for our sales reps to focus on the personal interaction with our customers that is vital to our business.”



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