WineStars Reviews Remain Free to Use

The Beverage Dynamics WineStars database has hundreds of wine reviews, all written by wine buyers working at off-premise, on-premise and wholesaler companies. Since WineStars launched in 2017, these reviews have ALWAYS been free for retailers to use in their stores, without a license. Visit to learn more.

If you aren’t using WineStars in your store, here are a few reason you should consider starting:


All reviews are written by professional wine buyers

The Beverage Dynamics editorial team works with dozens of buyers to curate our reviews based on a specific set of criteria. No wine brand pays to be reviewed, and the selections are made independently by reviewers.

Every review is pre-formatted as a shelf-talker

We want you to easily use these reviews in your store. That’s why every review page contains a printable shelf-talker with the WineStars logo, rating, review and information about the wine.


The database is searchable

With 1000s of wine SKUs in your store, there’s no way your staff can memorize every brand. If a customer is looking for a certain varietal or price point, your employees can use the WineStars database to search for a quality wine by type, country of origin, vintage, varietal, MSRP and star rating.

WineStars was designed as a tool for off-premise retailers, so if there are any features or updates you’d like to see please let me know. Our team would be happy to work with you to ensure the experience is as efficient and seamless as possible. You can browse our full database of reviews and learn more about our review process at


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