Mionetto Unveils Alcohol-Removed Sparkling Wine

With the no/low-alc movement in full swing,  Mionetto Alcohol-Removed Sparkling Wine heads to retail shelves, available nationwide as of 2024.

“Since 1887, Mionetto has continuously pushed the Italian sparkling wine category to new lengths” says Alessio del Savio, Mionetto winemaker. “Our expansion to Alcohol-Removed is a commitment to our storied winemaking expertise, as we worked to create a refreshing, enjoyable sparkling wine to taste as close as possible to our prestigious Prosecco Brut for all to enjoy.”

This wine is less than .05% ABV, as a result of extracting the alcohol content from a finished wine.

Similar to the traditional prosecco taste profile, this has notes of peach and green apple, the company reports. It’s certified vegan and gluten free, with 75 kcal per bottle.

“Mionetto has long been the leader of innovation” says Enore Ceola, CEO. “With a growing consumer demand for alcohol-free options, we are confident that Mionetto Alcohol-Removed will meet the expectations of consumers who are actively making choices to better their health and lifestyle and will not sacrifice exceptional taste and quality.”

This new expression retails for a suggested price of $15 per 750-ml. bottle..


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