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Blends Hold Their Own

While the popularity of Napa Valley grapes such as Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon will never wane, California’s beloved wine region has also become quite well known for its blends, primarily crafted from the area’s...

Canada on the Cusp

Canadian whisky may not get as much respect as its Irish, Scottish and American counterparts these days, but if whisky-buying was “American Idol,” Canadian would definitely be competing in the finals. After all, the entire...

Cask Conditioned

Irish whiskey is still high-proof strong after so many years of double-digit growth. More than riding on the coattails of American’s infatuation with whiskey, Irish is enlarging the demographic, bringing new consumers into the...

Crossing the Pacific

What do consumers know, or think they know, about imported Japanese products? According to a number of sake and Japanese whisky experts, misconceptions about the category are plentiful and confusion is rampant. Since retailers are...

Retailer Wine Selections: Malbec

The National Retailer Wine Panelists recommend Malbecs from Argentina, Chile, France and California.   We asked members of the panel to review some of their favorite Malbecs. As always, these selections include brief tasting notes, a...

Virginia ABC: Learning and Adapting

In his first year on the job as Chairman of the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, Jeffrey Painter has grown fond of a certain phrase. “This is not your grandfather’s ABC,” he recalls himself...

Modernizing Warehouse Distribution

Control state leaders are always looking for ways to enhance operations and improve processes. One key focus area that’s always top of mind is warehouse distribution management. How can states effectively integrate the latest...

Brandy and Cognac: Steady As They Grow

While much of talk lately in the spirit business has been about the surge of whiskey sales in the US, the other brown spirit — brandy and Cognac — has managed to rebound quite...

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