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  • Deck the Aisles with Brandy and Cognac

    Festive brandy and Cognac packaging can boost year-end sales. Retail sales are looking rosy for this holiday season, say many financial experts. A combination of lower gas prices, an improved labor market and rising... Read More »

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  • Wine Reviews: Merlot Magic

    Wine panelists review the popular red We asked members of our panel to taste and rate their favorite merlots. As always, these selections include brief tasting notes, a rating... Read More »
  • Whiskey, Across America

    Whiskey is now made locally, everywhere in America. The founders of Hudson Whiskey had not intended to produce craft spirits. The company operates on farmland originally purchased ten years ago to... Read More »
  • The Spice Trade

    Flavored and spiced rums drive business by promising the beach in a bottle. Sun, sand and surf — lazy summer days and easy-drinking rum cocktails continue to attract a... Read More »
  • Modernizing Michigan

    How the MLCC is utilizing technology to drastically improve processes. Andrew J. Deloney’s philosophy of leadership can be summed up in two words: continuous improvement. Since his June 2011... Read More »
  • The Undiscovered Pearl Next Door

    Canadian wines are surprisingly diverse. Six control states share a border with a large wine-producing country that until recently wasn’t recognized by most American consumers for much beyond maple... Read More »