LYNCHBURG (pop. 361), Tenn. (January 20, 2009) –  A special “Presidential Barrel” of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey was placed today in a warehouse in Lynchburg, Tennessee (pop. 361), to commemorate the inauguration of the President of the United States.
Resting on the top floor of one of the warehouses that dot the rolling hills of Moore County, the barrel will continue maturing with the passing seasons and then will be bottled and sold with all proceeds benefitting a charity of the president’s choice.  The Distillery announced prior to the election that it would designate a special barrel for the incoming president and all future commanders-in-chief.
Master Distiller Jeff Arnett, who personally selected the barrel, noted that it was only fitting that the famed distillery set aside a Presidential Barrel since the whiskey’s founder, Mr. Jack Daniel himself, was known for hosting inaugural parties in Lynchburg to celebrate the swearing in of a new president.
“I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that Mr. Jack supported all parties – political and otherwise,” said Arnett.  “We wanted to bring back his inaugural tradition and, while we won’t be in Washington, D.C., for all the festivities, we wanted to make sure we did our part down here in Lynchburg to commemorate this historic occasion.”
From time to time, the distillery will taste the barrel to see how the whiskey is maturing.  The barrel will yield approximately 240 (750ml) bottles of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. 


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